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Bulk SMS is a one way messaging solution which allows companies or organisations to communicate instantly with their subscribers or groups via text messaging. It serves as alerting, advertising and marketing purposes.

Bulk SMS can be used for new product launching, announcement or news broadcasting, promotion vouchers or coupons and SMS reminder.

Our bulk SMS is web-based solution. You can draft and send SMS via Internet. No modem or additional hardware is required. You only need to log into our online system, then you can send SMS to your subscriber.

Our bulk SMS does not require any hardware purchasing. No modem or simcard is required. It is a web-based solution. All SMS drafting and sending is executed online. There are no set up fee, monthly fee or rental fee. We provide fix rate to all Telco.

Additional features available under Bulk SMS includes:

  • Receive reply after blast SMS (for Longcode Bulk SMS only)
  • Email to SMS
  • Duplicate number auto screening upon import.
  • Failed mobile numbers clean up.

No. Only text based SMS is supported. MMS/EMS is not supported.

Yes. Our Bulk SMS supports alphanumeric and Unicode. You can send English, Malay, Chinese, Japanese and Jawi text. Unicode will be 70 characters per SMS.

1 SMS = 1 SMS Credit
For alphanumeric >> 160 characters for 1 SMS
For Unicode (Chinese/Japanese) >> 70 characters for 1 SMS
Additional characters will appear in 2nd SMS.

Yes. We support a few countries at this moment. You can send to Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, India, Hong Kong, Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand.

We are continuously expanding our SMS Coverage. Each SMS sent to different supported countries will have different charges.

We are providing the delivery report feature. You will know the status of each sent SMS. There is 3 status, which are Success, Pending and Failure.

It happens when the mobile is invalid or the mobile number could not be reached for 24 hours.

Yes. SMS Credits will be deducted regardless of success or failed message.

When the mobile phone is not reachable or locates in remote area that is out of network coverage.

The system will resend it automatically once the mobile is turned on or when they are in coverage area within 24 hours.

Yes. Each purchase of credit is valid for a year. If there is any balance credit, you may top up at any package price and the remaining credit will be carried forward.

Sorry, we do not accept Credit Card or Paypal payment in this moment. You may bank in cash or cheque into our bank account directly.

Yes, by utilizing our longcode product portfolio.