SMS branding

Display defined sender Id to mobile users instead of different random mobile number. *Not working on Malaysian Telcos.

Real-time delivery reports

A more reliable way of acertaining whether your SMS has been delivered, pending or fail to delivered.

Personalize SMS campaigns

Allows you to send fully personalized SMS messages so that you can address your target audience directly and appeal to them on the personal level.

Support for multiple languages

Send SMS in any language that you desire. Our system help to ensure that all of your characters are displayed properly for your subscribers.

Powerful SMS scheduler

Send SMS at specific time, or in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Prepare all your SMS messages, notifications, birthday reminders and greetings in advance and schedule one-time or recurring delivery.

Easily import and export data

Easily import and export your recipient database into relevant lists using Excel or CSV, and export all your sent items from our system for your analysis or review purpose.

Global reach

Our system is support sending bulk SMS to international countries at a competitive rate. *Please refer to our pricing & coverage page for more details.

Multiple users and easy billing

Easily to set up multiple users and manage each users rights, and order credit for all your accounts.

Lightning speed

Our system has been tested with the compability to broadcast up to 200,000 SMS at a time and lightning speed of delivery at 600 SMS per second.

Personal phonebook

Unlimited contact entries, and manage your contacts into groups. Rather than adding existing contacts one-by-one, you can import as many subscribers as you'd like.

Failed number clean up

Clean up your recipient lists and ensure all numbers are valid, providing a more accurate and up-to-date database for your messaging needs.